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Hi! My name is Brandon Minton. This is a presentation about my work.

What?: I'm a full stack engineer that prefers js as the language of choice.

How?: Currently, Node and Backbone-Marionette are my most utilized tools in the shed.

Ok ok, lets check out some work now :)
First, I'll show you my work as an evolution starting with an old PHP site for a client:

and a corresponding snippet of code if you'd like:

Here's some MVC work I did in Python for parsing weather data




Now let's take a closer look at my JS work

(starting with the bad and the ugly that made some cool things)
While at a national company called DKI, I made an customizable interface using js and jquery:

DKI app front-end

And here's an event calendar I made by hand with pure JS and MySQL (crazy!)

event cal

Enter the modern era! (e.g. templating, frameworks, task-running, tests)

Here's a sample of a Common JS module I might write for a Node app:

List Images

and a sample in the scripts of this package file of how I like to task run with pure NPM


Lastly, here's a small controller I built for managing an image gallery app:


Thank you for your time :)

want to know more?

Email me at

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